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Habs Tweetup Fever

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

by Flyers Rule, All Habs

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- If you had told me a year ago that by signing up for an account on this new-fangled Twitter thing I had started hearing about I would end up spending subsequent months planning numerous road trips to cities in Canada to meet groups of fellow "tweeps" just because we all love hockey - I would have laughed out loud and told you that you're crazy.

But the laugh is on me, because that's exactly what I've done! After taking the plunge and attending my first Tweetup last June in Montreal for the NHL Draft I have never looked back. I was introduced to a beautiful new city, met wonderful new people - frankly, it changed my life...and I'm not just being melodramatic :) In fact, it touched me so much that I'm also proud to say I'm now part of the #Habstweetup crew - such an honor! I can tell you first-hand that these people are a ton of fun and always make hockey gatherings a great time.

The last Habs Tweetup I attended was in Toronto and was very memorable (be sure to read my review of it HERE) but now I'm so excited to return to the city of Montreal! The game, a rivalry matchup between the Habs and the Leafs, promises to be very entertaining - accompanied by good food, good drink, good atmosphere and great friends at the tried and true watering hole, Ye Olde Orchard. This quaint Irish pub just mere blocks away from the Bell Centre tends to be home base for the Habs Tweetup crew and events...a perfect venue!

In addition, I'm greatly anticipating the arrival of a very special guest @chile_pepper who will be flying in from Vancouver! (after all, this IS the "West meets East" tweetup!) It's a true testament to how real the friendships forged on Twitter can be - in what other situation would folks from Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and yes - Philadelphia, all converge in one place just for the sake of meeting each other and sharing their passion for hockey?

Now I know that perhaps for some of you out there, the idea of a Tweetup could be a bit intimidating...believe me, that's normal! Rest assured that the organizers work very hard to make every event welcoming, fun, memorable and safe for all attendees. And I know that I speak for many others when I say that once you've attended a Habs Tweetup, you'll be hooked! It's a truly great experience - don't miss out on the fun!

So @chile_pepper have a safe flight from British Columbia, everyone traveling by car have a safe drive...and those of you already in Montreal get ready! It's almost time for the West Coast to meet the East Coast! See you there!

You say you haven't RSVP'ed yet? Your next click should be here

Habs Tweetup - West Meets East
Saturday March 20 - Canadiens vs Leafs
Ye Olde Orchard (de la Montagne)


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