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Tales From The Toronto Tweetup

Thursday, November 12, 2009

by Flyers Rule, Habs Tweetup

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- The travel bug has officially bitten me - hard. This year I finally had a real reason to make my debut visit to our neighbor to the north, Canada, for the very first time. I was not disappointed - and that's an understatement!

In June I trekked to Montreal for the NHL Draft Tweetup sponsored by @All_Habs, @metricjulie, @amandafortier, and was a weekend I'll never forget thanks to a superior Montreal Tweetup crew and all of the fun-loving, friendly hockey tweeps I met (never mind the fact that Montreal is a truly beautiful city!).

It was then that Habs Tweetup was born - hockey fans from far and wide coming together to celebrate the Habs (or whatever your team of choice is...ahem..Flyers!) and have a spectacular time doing it. I knew after that weekend that nothing would keep me from Canada or anywhere else a Habs tweetup was organized...I may be a loyal, dedicated Flyers fan, but I now foster a great love for the bleu, blanc et rouge in Montreal :)

Sure enough, @All_Habs and @kuyaz decided that a Habs tweetup should take place in Toronto during a Habs/Leafs game - how else to better celebrate this storied rivalry? And with no arm-twisting needed, I circled the date on my calendar and packed my bags for Toronto!

Toronto, although quite a different city from Montreal, is equally as beautiful - with a hometown neighborhood-like charm. I decided to drive up to Ontario a day early to give myself time to sightsee and play tourist...a decision I do not regret! There is so much to see and do in Toronto - I have quite a list compiled of more things that I need to do there!

I decided to hit 3 major "sights" in the city - Casa Loma, the CN Tower and the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF). Yes, I like to pack a lot into my vacations :)

Casa Loma appealed to the history-loving education geek in me - a majestic castle built by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt (a prominent Canadian financier and military officer) in the early twentieth century. The castle is what Sir Henry and his wife called home and is now open to the public.

Complete with gardens, a Conservatory, turrets and towers to climb, secret passageways to unveil and underground tunnels to explore, Casa Loma was the perfect way to spend a cold and rainy afternoon. Most rooms of the castle have been preserved and restored to their breathtaking original splendor. I highly recommend adding this to your list of places to see in Toronto.

I felt that I'd be pretty silly if I skipped visiting the most prominent landmark in Toronto - the CN Tower (which also happens to be the world's tallest building). Unfortunately, it was REALLY windy that day so no one was allowed to go outside on the observation deck, and the Skypod was also closed because of the gusts. But no amount of wind can take away the breathtaking views of the city and of Lake Ontario from that height. I think I could've spent hours just getting lost in the's very peaceful up there. One other cool feature is the Glass Floor - one small section of the observation deck that you can stand on and look allllllll the way down to the ground. *gulp* YIKES! Thanks, but I prefer concrete under my feet :)

So now we get to the good stuff - the Hockey Hall of Fame! In order to get pumped up for the Tweetup, I waited to visit the HHOF til Saturday (Halloween!!) and got the grand tour with @All_Habs. Let me just say, if you've never been to the HHOF, put down what you're doing and go there RIGHT NOW! It's quite honestly the most amazing place a hockey enthusiast could ever visit.

From the antique equipment and sweaters used by the forefathers of our favored game, to the collection of trophies large and small (the pièce de résistance being the Stanley Cup of course!), to the abstract teams no longer in existence (the Trail Smoke Eaters...really?!), to the replica of the Habs dressing room in the Forum - this place has it all, and then some. You can find gear from every team in the NHL and just about every other well-known league in the world.

Of course, we made it a point to check out tons of Habs displays - but a Flyers fan like me was especially pleased to find the Philly display, Mike Richards' Memorial Cup photograph, a Quakers jersey (the Philadelphia NHL team from 1930-1936), and an official helmet from Dave "The Hammer" Schultz's Army (CONGRATS DAVE! He's being inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame on Monday, November 16th, 2009! I've had the pleasure of meeting Dave on a few occasions - a very nice guy and a legendary hockey player. Broad Street Bullies forever!)

If you know me well enough, you don't have to think very hard to guess who my favorite hockey player is - Martin Biron. And yes, goaltending is my most loved hockey position. So I was challenged to channel a bit of Marty and get padded up in the interactive exhibit section of the HHOF. Sure enough, there I was in goal, suited up in very incomplete padding, while Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier fired weighted sponge pucks at me through five different mechanically-fed openings in a giant video screen. I humbly chose the "Rookie" setting and managed to stop 4 out of 5 shots. Think I'm ready for the NHL? :)

So after much ado and plenty of sightseeing, it was finally Saturday night and time for the REAL reason for this trip...the Habs Tweetup!! The location was set downtown on lively Bloor Street and THE Habs-friendly bar in the city, Kilgours. What an oasis in a sea of Leafs-happy watering holes! This cozy, friendly pub has Habs memorabilia everywhere you look - with awesome food and super-nice bartenders and servers.

Our group of about 13 people had a ton of fun (even though we were infiltrated by some die-hard Leafs fans...@Nock4Six!! lol - luckily she's a great girl, despite her insistence upon yelling "Go Leafs Go" all the time! lol) - made up mostly of folks from Toronto...some of whom aren't even on Twitter YET...and @sabotek with @sexyaccentguy who were in from Ottawa. Before the end of the night, other Habs fans in the bar were even pulling up a chair to join in the fun at our tables. Thank you @All_Habs and @kuyaz for organizing such a fantastic event!

All in all, the Toronto Habs tweetup was well worth the trip - quite a memorable weekend! And you can bet that I'm doing my best to make plans to be at the Habs/Sens tweetup @sabotek is sponsoring in Ottawa on November 21st!

Stay tuned to Habs Tweetup for more info on that event and many more - before you know it, they're gonna turn this into Habs Nation! :) Except when all of you finally come to Philly, that is!!! LOL

Happy Travels! See ya at the next #HABSTWEETUP - Ottawa here we come!!

Check out more photos from the Habs Tweetup in Toronto here. Do you have any photos to share? Please send them to


Hallowe'en Tweetup in Toronto

Monday, October 26, 2009

graphics by @kuyaz


Go Habs Go graphic by @kuyaz


Montreal Draft Tweetup: Day 1

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I really appreciate all the messages of support for the Montreal Draft weekend. I am grateful to be working with great people: @amandafortier @metricjulie and @kyleroussel .

It was also a thrill to meet passionate hockey fans and friendly, fun-loving people.

Are we having a good time?

Perhaps one photo can give you a sense of what it is like to be in Montreal this weekend.


Follow the tweetup in Montreal with video from FlyersRule

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Montreal Draft Tweetup Video -- Get there early!

You have been hearing that the Montreal Draft Tweetup is *the* destination for hockey fans this summer. You also know that it will be a weekend full of events and that you will have a chance to win fabulous prizes.

But why take our word for it? Here's the perspective of a hockey fan who is actually making the 'pilgrimage' to Montreal. Read the full story »


Montreal Draft Tweetup: Prizes from the NHL Foundation

Perhaps you would like to take a closer look at some of the prizes that will be available at the Montreal draft weekend. The generosity of our partner organizations will help to make this a truly memorable event.

Prizes will be awarded during the weekend events but particularly at the Montreal Draft Tweetup on Saturday June 27th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at Ye Olde Orchard Bar and Grill, 1189 de la Montagne.

There are many ways to win. There will be draws and contests throughout the afternoon. A paid raffle will be used to determine the winner of two very special prizes with the proceeds going to "Hockey Fights Cancer". If you would like to donate to this worthwhile charity, click here.

Participants of the Fun Ball Hockey Challenge at McGill University will be eligible for a draw for one of the signed NHL caps.

All Habs is truly grateful to Ann Marie Lynch at the NHL Foundation for providing the unique signed hockey merchandise.

Prizes from the NHL Foundation

*Signed merchandise*

  • White cap, NHL logo - signed by the 2008-09 New York Islanders team
  • White New Era cap, NHL logo - signed by Martin Brodeur
  • Montreal Canadiens away jersey - signed by Saku Koivu
  • Tampa Bay Lightning away jersey - signed by Vincent Lecavalier
  • 2009 Eastern Conference All-Star jersey - signed by the Eastern conference all-stars
  • 2009 Western Conference All-Star jersey - signed by the Western conference all-stars
arranged by @umassdilo and @All_Habs


Draft Tweetup: Prizes from the Montreal Canadiens

The generosity of our partner organizations continues to help make the Montreal Draft tweetup a truly memorable event.

All Habs is truly grateful to Jon Trzcienski and the Montreal Canadiens for contributing a number of books and publications as prizes.

Prizes from the Montreal Canadiens:

  • current issue of CANADIENS magazine (50 copies)
  • Sports Illustrated special hardcover “The Canadiens Century”
  • hardcover copy of “Maurice Richard: Reluctant Hero”


Montreal Draft Tweetup -- weekend schedule

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

As organizers, we have tried to plan a weekend that will maximize your hockey experience, put you in touch with the best sports fans in the world, and give you a taste of the beautiful city of Montreal.

The weekend begins as hockey fans arrive in Montreal from all over the continent...

Friday June 26

Ye Olde Orchard 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

If you have received ticket confirmation from an organizer of the Montreal Draft Tweetup (@all_habs, @amandafortier, @kyleroussel, @metricjulie) you may pick up your admission pass to the 2009 NHL amateur draft at Ye Olde Orchard, 1189 de la Montagne between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. These are general admission tickets. Doors to the Bell Cente will open at 4:00 p.m. Tickets not picked up by 5:00 p.m. will be forfeited.

Bell Centre 7:00 - 11:00 p.m.

2009 NHL amateur draft

You are encouraged to tweet the results of the draft on Twitter and post your photos and comments to our official Montreal draft event page at

After the draft, you are invited to join the group for conversation and beverages at a location to be announced.

Saturday June 27

McGill University Athletics Fieldhouse 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Meet at the fieldhouse at 9:45 a.m. Participate in the ball hockey challenge. Equipment (and ability) not necessary. Raffle prize: signed NHL merchandise.

Ye Olde Orchard 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Meet passionate hockey fans like yourself. Watch the draft coverage on the NHL Network. Share the experience virtually with your Twitter followers. Trivia contest. Participate in HockeyBuzz podcast. Raffle prizes: NHL merchandise Paid raffles: East and West conference signed All-Star jerseys (proceeds to Hockey Fights Cancer)

The Atrium

Public skating at the Atrium year-round ice surface. Bring your skates or rent.
Raffle prize: NHL merchandise

Attendees return home having met great friends and made special memories at the Montreal Draft weekend!


Montreal Draft Tweetup Video -- Get there early!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Posted by Rocket
Video by FlyersRule

You have been hearing that the Montreal Draft Tweetup is *the* destination for hockey fans this summer. You also know that it will be a weekend full of events and that you will have a chance to win fabulous prizes.

But why take our word for it? Here's the perspective of a hockey fan who is actually making the 'pilgrimage' to Montreal.

FlyersRule is packed and ready to make the trek from the land of orange to be with her fellow hockey fans in the city of bleu, blanc et rouge. It promises to be a very memorable weekend.

All Habs has managed to secure FlyersRule as our official 'foreign' correspondent to give a unique glimpse into the event from the vantage point of a new visitor to Montreal. (Who says a Flyers fan and a Canadiens fan can't collaborate?)

After watching the compelling video, if you are convinced that you too must attend the Montreal Draft Tweetup, be sure to RSVP here today!

If you aren't able to join us, make a regular visit to All Habs to share a virtual experience with your friends in Montreal via updates from FlyersRule. If there is anything/anyone you wish FlyersRule to cover/interview in an update, leave her a comment below. Or, just let her know what you think of the video!


You Could Win Draft Tickets

Friday, June 19, 2009

You would like to go to the 2009 NHL amateur draft but you don't have tickets. What to do? Visit All Habs!

All Habs will be giving away 2 tickets (1 each) to two lucky winners. They are general admission tickets to the Bell Centre for the NHL draft.

To be eligible, you have to be in Montreal and available to go to the draft on Friday June 26th.

(Be sure that you are also planning to attend the Montreal draft tweetup at Ye Olde Orchard, 1189 de la Montagne on Saturday June 27 from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.)

It's easy to enter. Choose one of two ways:

1. Be an All Habs member. On the All Habs website, scroll down until the All Habs Members section appears in the right red section. Click "Follow". All current All Habs members are already entered.


2. On Twitter, send an @ reply to All_Habs. Be sure that you are following All_Habs so that I can DM you if you are a lucky winner.

Contest will close for entries on Sunday June 21, 2009 at 5:00 EDT. Winners will be chosen by random draw and notified on Monday June 22nd. Only the winners will be contacted.

Tickets must be picked up in person at Ye Olde Orchard on Friday June 26th at 4:00 p.m. Tickets not picked up will be forfeited and redistributed.

Good luck!


Did you pack your skates?

The Montreal Draft Tweetup is an entire weekend of events June 26 - June 28 with something for everyone.

What would a hockey event in Montreal be without a chance to lace up the skates? Even at the end of June? No problem!

The venue is The Atrium / L'Atrium. "In the heart of downtown, bathed in warm light flowing through its magnificent glass dome and dancing on the surface of the indoor skating rink of the prestigious Le 1000 De La Gauchetière, you will find the dream spot to enjoy an outing with family or friends."

Yes, public skating is a family friendly event. Skating expertise is not required. Folding chairs aren't allowed but maybe you will find a friend to lend an arm of support!

So, don't forget to pack your blades. If you prefer, skates can be rented at the Atrium for a nominal fee.

To indicate your interest, simply leave a comment to this post.


Prizes, prizes, we have prizes!

If you are a regular All Habs reader, you already know that there are many reasons to come to the Montreal Draft Tweetup. Still not convinced? Would you reconsider if you had a chance to go home with one of many special hockey prizes?

We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our partner organizations to help make the Montreal event a truly memorable weekend.

Prizes will be awarded during the weekend events but particularly at the Montreal Draft Tweetup on Saturday June 27th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at Ye Olde Orchard Bar and Grill, 1189 de la Montagne.

There are many ways to win. You will get a chance to win something just for RSVP'ing and being present at the tweetup. There will also be draws and contests throughout the afternoon. A paid raffle will be used to determine the winner of two very special prizes with the proceeds going to "Hockey Fights Cancer". If you would like to donate to this worthwhile charity, click here.

All Habs would like to thank the Hockey Hall of Fame, Versus and the NHL for contributing prizes to the event. A very special thank you to Ann Marie Lynch at the NHL Foundation for providing the unique signed hockey merchandise.


The NHL Foundation

*Signed merchandise*

  • White cap, NHL logo - signed by the 2008-09 New York Islanders team
  • White New Era cap, NHL logo - signed by Martin Brodeur
  • Montreal Canadiens away jersey - signed by Saku Koivu
  • Tampa Bay Lightning away jersey - signed by Vincent Lecavalier
  • 2009 Eastern Conference All-Star jersey - signed by the Eastern conference all-stars
  • 2009 Western Conference All-Star jersey - signed by the Western conference all-stars
arranged by @umassdilo and @All_Habs

Hockey Hall of Fame

  • 2 pairs of admission passes
arranged by @kicksavetwenty and @dani3boyz


  • NHL All-Star Game 2009 Old Time Hockey shirt (2)
arranged by @umassdilo and @All_Habs


  • Hockey pucks
arranged by @dani3boyz



Ye Olde Orchard

McGill Athletics

Delta Centre-Ville

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth


Take Part in the First Tweetup Hockey Challenge!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coming to Montreal next week for the Draft Tweetup? You should be because we continue to elevate this "mother of all hockey tweetups with great activities, sponsors and prizes.

No hockey event in Montreal would be complete without playing a game of pick up hockey, even in late June when summer has officially started.

Forget the Stanley Cup finals and ignore salary caps! On Saturday, June 27th, McGill University Athletics has granted us use of their Fieldhouse and equipment to play the first of what will hopefully be many annual Tweetup Hockey Challenges at the annual NHL Entry Draft.

This will be a FUN game, open to guys and girls of ALL skill levels. Essentially, if you have a heartbeat, you can (and should) play! However, space is limited. We're looking for enough recruits to fill 2 teams (11 per team, goalie included). You will not have to bring any equipment with you in your travels except for running shoes, and whatever you want to wear. Equipment such as gloves and helmet are optional, and not required. However if you're like me and can't play hockey without gloves, it would be a good idea to leave some extra room in your luggage for them.

If you choose not to play, you are still encouraged to come be one of the coaches, determine line combinations and, *ahem*, "strategy". We're also looking for a ref who will also moonlight as in-game commissioner (to make trades as he/she sees fit to keep the game evenly matched).

The deal will be sweetened for the winning team, so you do want to score at least 1 more goal than the other side! Who's going to be the Max Talbot of the Tweetup Hockey Challenge?

How to reserve your spot? Don't be shy!

Leave a comment below and let us know if you'll participate as a player, coach or referee. In order to help us stay organized, only by posting here on this blog can you reserve your spot. Twitter posts, or comments left on other blogs, emails, voicemails, fax, snail mail, telegrams, telegraph and morse code will not be accepted.

Thanks to for sponsoring this amazing and unique event!


Montreal Draft Tweetup welcomes a new sponsor!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The excitement continues to build as we get closer to the 2009 NHL amateur draft and the Montreal draft tweetup weekend. Have you sent your RSVP?

All Habs is pleased to welcome to the fold as an official sponsor of the Montreal draft tweetup. Hockeybuzz is a collective of bloggers and correspondents from around the league and one of the most popular hockey rumor sites on the net.

There will be a live Hockeybuzzcast Podcast from the Montreal tweetup headquarters -- Ye Olde Orchard Pub -- at 3pm, on Saturday June 27th. Drop by and visit. Give your opinions of the draft selections and any of the potential blockbuster trades that may happen on draft weekend.


Draft Tweetup: Are you coming to Montreal?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Are you coming to Montreal?

  • Perhaps you want the chance to meet fellow hockey fans from across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Or it could be your opportunity to visit the beautiful, vibrant and romantic city of Montreal.
  • Maybe you will be one of the lucky few attending the NHL amateur draft in person, watching the likes of John Tavares, Matt Duchene, Victor Hedman, Brayden Schenn, or Evander Kane being selected by your favorite team.
Whatever your reason, you probably know that attending a hockey event in Montreal is like no other around the league. This is a rare chance.

Fans who trek to Montreal to watch their favorite team play the Canadiens universally report that there is something different and palpable about how hockey is embraced in this city. Montreal is the mecca for hockey fans. Special things happen in the city that is home to 24 Stanley Cup winning teams.

Similarly this will be an opportunity to attend a hockey tweetup like no other. Loyal, passionate and knowledgeable hockey fans will get together to meet, enjoy, and follow day two of the 2009 NHL amateur draft.

For those already living in Montreal, it is your chance to meet with hockey fans and bloggers from across the continent.

The Montreal Draft Tweetup headquarters will be Ye Olde Orchard Pub and Grill. Ye Olde Orchard is a friendly Celtic Pub located on the first floor of a beautiful downtown heritage building within walking distance of the Bell Centre.

Other draft weekend events include a fun road hockey challenge playing at McGill University and skating on the year-round ice at the Atrium.

You'll even have a chance to win hockey prizes from the Hockey Hall of Fame, NHL Foundation, Versus and others.

If you haven't yet signed up, do so today before it's too late!


Want to be part of Hockey History?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Montreal Draft Tweetup

All Habs will be hosting a Tweetup in Montreal for the NHL amateur draft. This is a unique opportunity for passionate fans from all over the continent to come together to network and celebrate hockey. Besides Montreal, there are confirmed attendees from Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, New York, Detroit, Tampa and San Jose.

Events will take place on Friday June 26 and Saturday June 27.


Fairmont Queen Elizabeth and Delta – Centreville have established special Tweetup rates for our out-of-town attendees.

Check out their reduced rates and information about the great city of Montreal.

The Hockey Hall of Fame and the NHL have provided prizes.

The NHL has provided a limited number of tickets to the draft.

Schedule of Events

Friday June 26

Bell Centre – 2009 NHL Amateur Draft (tickets are limited)

Saturday June 27

McGill University – Fun hockey challenge

Downtown location – Montreal Draft Tweetup

Atrium – Group Skating (family event)

See you there! Register today!!


NHL Pleased to Officially Support the NHL Draft Tweetup in Montreal

To the good folks organizing the NHL Draft Tweetup in Montreal - @all_habs, @amandafortier, @kyleroussel, @metricjulie, et al - I am pleased to tell you that the National Hockey League is committed to officially supporting your wonderful effort at this “tentpole event” and we’ll do what we can to make a nice event even better.

As an initial gesture of the NHL’s support, I have sent to @all_habs some complimentary general admission tickets to the NHL Draft.

I also have shipped up some wristbands and a few goodies to be given out.

We intend to be as supportive as possible, and so I hope to assist even further as we get closer to the event.

Good luck! And thanks again for your support of the NHL! (or is it LNH?)

Mike DiLorenzo, @umassdilo


NHL Draft TweetUp - Information about the Great City of Montreal

Friday, May 22, 2009

Posted by Amanda Fortier
All Habs

We’ve had a lot of questions about how to get around in Montreal, where to stay and what to do while you're here. To try and help everyone who is coming in for the Draft NHL Tweetup, we’ve compiled some general information to point you in the right direction.

There are also a number of good websites that offer information about Montreal, such as Montreal Kiosk , Tourism Montreal and .


From the airport to the city

The Trudeau Airport is located on the western side of the Island of Montreal. While it is possible to get downtown using public transportation, it’s not easy. There are 2 options that are pretty simple:
• The cheap option: Take the airport shuttle bus (Aerobus)
The airport shuttle bus departs every half an hour from the airport, and stops at several hotels downtown before reaching the bus terminal, which is its’ final destination. There is a kiosk outside the airport departures level, where tickets can be purchased on arrival. It will cost $15.00 one-way, or $25.00 round trip. You can also arrange to be dropped off at your hotel by reserving in advance. Click on the link above for more information.
• The less cheap option: Take a taxi
It’s relatively quick and easy to get a taxi outside the airport, or on pretty much any major street in Montreal. There is a set fare for trips from the airport to downtown Montreal (and vice-versa) of $38.00 (not including tip). You can find taxi numbers by clicking on the link above, but trust me, you probably won't need it.

In the city

1) Public Transit
Montreal has a very good transit system, with both bus and metro (subway) service, if you want to be adventurous and explore the city. For more information about transit:
A couple of pointers for transit:
• You can buy a one-day pass or a three-day pass. If you plan to do a bunch of exploring, this will probably save you money.
• When you take the metro, pay attention to the direction you need to travel. This can at times be confusing, but there are always maps in the metro that can help you figure out which way to go.
• Google Maps is linked in to the Montreal transit system and give you pretty good directions on how to get somewhere using car, transit or by walking!

2) Taxi
Of course, there is always the option to take a cab. Your hotel concierge can get you one, or you can flag one down on most roads in the downtown area. If the light is lit on top of the cab, they are available to take a fare. Just wave, they’ll stop and pick you up!

3) Walk
Yes, walk! Downtown Montreal is a nice place to walk. Montrealers walk a LOT, so get out and enjoy our beautiful sunny weather. If, by chance, it happens to be rainy... there is a pretty cool underground city that connects a few different malls and such.

Hotels and Accomodations

We have been lucky enough to pair with the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth to offer a special rate for people attending the Draft NHLTweetup! They are offering a special rate of $199 per night plus a $25 food and beverage credit. This is a really good rate for a very nice hotel (and just between us, I also heard a rumour the players may be staying at this hotel also). Click the link to make a reservation.

Another option in the downtown area is the Delta Centreville. They are offering summer rates as low as $109 per night through TravelZoo. Click here to make a reservation.

Please note that both of these deals require special codes, which you will have access to if you click on the links from this page.

If neither of these hotels work for you, there are a number of hotels in the downtown area. We intend to focus our activities in the area of the Bell Centre, so consider looking in that area. I would recommend visiting Trip Advisor and exploring the reviews if you aren’t familiar with the hotel. There are a lot of upscale hotels in the area of the Bell Centre, but don’t be discouraged, there are other hotels as well.

Please be aware: The Montreal International Jazz Festival starts the following Wednesday, and people may come in early for this. You might want to book your hotel sooner rather than later!

Restaurants and Bars

Montreal is famous for its nightlife and good food. While it would be impossible to list all the good places to go, here are a few areas that you might want to explore.

• Crescent Street – Located right in the area of the Bell Centre, Crescent Street is full of restaurants, pubs and bars. Wander up the street, and you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you.
• St Laurent Blvd – If you are interested in the nightlife and want to go to the bars, St Laurent Blvd (north of Sherbrooke St) is always a happening place. There are bars and restaurants along here, including the famous Schwartz’s Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen, where you can try a delicious Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich. Don’t be intimidated by the line up – if you want to take out, you can usually skip the line. But it’s worth the wait if you want to sit down!
• Rue St Denis – A little less nightlife, but a lot more restaurants than St Laurent. It’s a bit further from downtown, but not much.

Things to Do in Montreal

Things to Do in Montreal (that are hockey related)

• Hang out with the Tweeps from Montreal, and come to the TweetUp (of course!)
• Visit the Old Forum (Ste Catherine and Atwater) – there are still parts of the old seats to see. It has been turned into a retail establishment, but if you’re a Habs fan (or even if you’re not), it’s definitely worth a visit
• Visit the Bell Centre and see the new Centennial Plaza... and shop at the Canadiens store (you all know you’re secretly Habs fans at heart, and you are dying to buy a jersey or shirt!)

Things to Do in Montreal (that aren’t hockey related)

If you are interested in checking out other things to do in Montreal, there are a number of big attractions that might interest you:
La Ronde (our local amusement park)
• For the geeks , the Biodôme/Insectarium/Botanical Gardens/Planetarium (choose the one you are interested in on that page... and just to be clear, I love these places!)
• The Old Port is a cool place to walk around and shop or eat, also right in the area are the Montreal Science Centre and the Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archealogy and History
• SHOP (Ste Catherine St, St Laurent Blvd or St Denis are good places to start!)
Titanic The Artifact Exhibit

Hopefully this information will help you plan your trip to Montreal! Of course, you can always ask us questions if you are stuck or need more information. Just contact one of the local organizing committee members:


We're looking forward to meeting you at the NHL Draft TweetUp!


Coming soon: NHL Draft Tweetup in Montreal

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Posted by: Kyle and Rocket

We had such a good time, we are doing it again!

What you ask? Perhaps you recall that All Habs hosted a NHL Tweetup during the first game of the Montreal - Boston series. It's time for a second NHL Tweetup in Montreal. More about that later.

What's a Tweetup? Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. A tweetup is a real world social gathering for people who know each other through the online Twitter service. This was an opportunity for Twitter users to meet in person, network, and have fun.

An NHL Tweetup is a gathering of hockey twitterers in cities all over the US and Canada. It was initiated by hockey fans in conjunction with the NHL to watch the first game of the 2009 playoffs. Additional hockey tweetups have continued through subsequent series of the playoffs.

All Habs scheduled the Montreal NHL Tweetup during game 1 of the Habs/Bruins series on April 16th. It was a good turnout for a first time; a dozen passionate Habs fans descended on Les 3 Brasseurs at Ste Catherine and Crescent. (Thank you to @pluc for choosing the location!)

One by one, our little community of Habs Twitterati filed in to the bar. The catch is that nobody had really met before, so there was no way to really know who you were meeting up with. We can assume that nobody was left in the bar alone, so everyone eventually found the right table! Even though the Canadiens lost, a great time was had by all. We didn't get a lot to cheer about, but the spirits remained high just the same. It was not your typical bunch of cranky, demanding Habs fans!

Some highlights of the night:

  • @twtfelipe won the NHL Gamecenter Subscription.
  • @EP31's AWESOME Lucic voodoo doll (Read: Bruins Voodoo Magic )
  • @pluc's domination of not one, but two "flamms" (they're not quite a pizza, but you get the idea)
We certainly learned some lessons from our first get together. We hope that the NHL will be more forthcoming with their game schedule in future which will really assist in planning. And the NHL committed to be more equitable in their prize distribution. All Habs is also pursuing inclusion of the Canadiens organization in future events. While the Canadiens have been slow to embrace social media, we expect some progress.

The best thing that came out of the first Montreal tweetup is a continued camaraderie between a loyal group of Habs fans. It's safe to say that there's enough love of hockey in this group for a tweetup to be held for just about any reason.

We do have an excellent reason for the next NHL tweetup in Montreal: the NHL draft!

This time All Habs will be joining forces with the NHL. That's right! Montreal will host NHL twitter fans from all over the U.S. and Canada on June 27th just in time for the NHL draft. The location and further details will be announced soon.

Your Montreal organizing group for the NHL draft tweetup:



Habs Tweetup comes to Montreal

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's a Tweetup?

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. A tweetup is a real world social gathering for people who know each other through the online Twitter service. This is an opportunity for Twitter users to meet in person, network, and have fun.

What's this Habs Tweetup all about?

It's a gathering of hockey twitterers in cities all over the US and Canada to watch the first playoff game. The night is also being used to launch "ThePortal" at

When and where can Montreal tweeps join a Tweetup?

Game #1 Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins
Thursday April 16, 2009
6-11 pm. Game time is 7:00 pm

Les 3 Brasseurs - Crescent
Ste Catherine & Crescent
1356 Ste-Catherine St. W.

Just let the staff know you want to be seated with the Montreal Tweetup group.

What happens during the tweetup?

Cheer the Habs to victory over the Bruins.

Bring a fully charged "something" to tweet from. (Yes, people bring laptops to tweetups!) Take lots of photos. You can TwitPic them and send them via email to All Habs. We'll post them afterward.

What can I win?

NHL has provided a prize of a NHL Gamecenter Subscription.

Can anyone go?

Sure! But we ask you to let us know you are coming: RSVP here!

Montreal Habs Tweetup hosts:

Kyle Roussel
All Habs


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