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Being a Habs Fan in a Social Media Age

Monday, March 21, 2011

by Amy, (

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Thanks to Habs Tweetup, I have met (in real life!) dozens of really fun Habs fans and made some really wonderful new friends in the process. And while I truly enjoy each and every event and look forward to meeting even MORE people, one of my other favourite aspects of Habs Tweetup is seeing others discover that same sense of "family" that comes along with getting together with fellow fans.

Robyn (@ladyhabs) attended her first Habs Tweetup in October 2010 in Montreal. She was, as they say, "hooked" after that and always seems to be enthusiastically looking forward to the next gathering.

We asked Robyn to tell us a little more about herself and her Habs's her story!

by Robyn Flynn, special to (

MONTREAL, QUEBEC -- I am a Habs fan. I’ve supported my team through thick and thin for the greater part of my life. I’ve cried, I’ve cheered, but most of all, I’ve never given up. While being a die-hard fan is an enormous commitment, the most time consuming aspect is making sure I have a way to watch or listen to every single game, regardless of where I am or what I’m doing.

On any given game day, I can be found in one of several locations: at work, ignoring customers while I listen on the radio; at home in my living room screaming with my dad; or in a crowded bar cheering with my friends. Wherever I am, I always have my iPhone handy so I can partake in one of my favourite activities; tweeting.

When I first signed up for Twitter a few years ago, it was a self-indulgent way for me to stalk my favourite celebrities (namely Ashton Kutcher and Lady Gaga. Mock me if you must, but please don’t judge me). Eventually, just as I was starting to lose interest in Twitter, I noticed the hashtag #habs. I started following several Habs fans and media personalities, and Twitter suddenly was interesting again.

The Habs community on Twitter is extremely close, despite the fact that communication is restricted to 140 characters. So when I heard about the Habs Tweetup, I was very stoked.

I went to my first Habs Tweetup at O’Hara’s Pub in Montreal in November of 2010. The Habs lost to the Preds that night, but it was really cool to meet some of the people I had been following for several months. The combination of Habs fans, a Canadiens game, hockey trivia and beer is a recipe for a successful evening.

Eventually, the list of people I followed on Twitter grew to include mostly Habs fans, some of which I was beginning to consider good friends, despite never having met most of them. We often think of the internet as a place for shady online dating, and not for creating new friendships, but that was exactly what was happening. By the time the next Montreal Tweetup came around, I was even more excited than I was the first time around.

My second Habs Tweetup was at Macleans Pub in February 2011. The Habs won in a shutout against the Leafs. I was the proud winner of a Habs scarf and a pair of Habs mittens. It was my best friend’s birthday. I got to wear my awesome Habs Tweetup nametag. Best of all, I got to hang out with some of the people I talk to almost every day on Twitter. It was pretty rad, if I say so myself.

As my third Habs Tweetup approaches, I’m yet again excited. I’m someone who has always embraced social media and all it had to offer. Despite still maintaining a Facebook addiction, I find Twitter has taken over as my favourite social media platform.

I read somewhere that Facebook is to keep in touch with the people you didn’t like in high school, and Twitter is to keep in touch with the people you wish you went to high school with. I find this saying to be extremely appropriate. I’ve met some pretty awesome people thanks to Twitter and Habs Tweetups, and that is social media working at its finest.


Would you like to join Robyn and other Habs fans at the next HabsTweetup? Click on the "RSVP for a Habs Tweetup" tab at the top of the page. The next event is being held in Montreal on March 26th, hope to see you there!

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